Crash and Burn
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Mid air rc airplane crash fpv short flight acton Sky Fly vs Slow Stick

Crash around 20 seconds both planes made it out alive. The sound of the planes hitting is great. Sky Fly vs Slow Stick trackelcapatan’s channel
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Turbine powered RC jet plane crashes after flame-out

Heavily loaded RC jet planes are not gliders but the pilot of this model did very well to get it down with minimal damage after an unexpected flame-out. Filmed at [...]
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Hempel Decathlon

Brad Wursten’s 56% Bill Hempel Decathlon Crash

This is Brad’s 56% Decathlon during the BridgerlandRC Club’s annual Labor Day Airshow at the Logan/Cache Airport. Sad ending. Equipped with ZDZ 420. Prop unknown.
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Mid air collision

Mid air collision

RC air show mid air collision airplane crash SCCMAS
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big Jet

MIG 25 engine failure on takeoff

The world’s largest jet-powered RC model of the MIG 25 suffers an engine failure on takeoff, sending it plunging into a nearby field. Only expert flying by 18-year-old Clinton Kraidy [...]
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SEFF 2009 Crash

That’s a burn….

This crash took place Saturday at SEFF 2009 and was the best one of the weekend that the video crew from witnessed.
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lost a motor

Wild Hare Extra “Lost a Motor”

Wild Hare Extra lost a motor They literally flew the motor off that plane. This the the end of the original Wild Hare Extra. We literally flew the motor off [...]
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power line

Power line at full throttle

This plain hits the power line at full throttle. Ah well everything has an end, it was today for Saddler Vampire Nitro RC plane of mine. Watch the Saddest flight [...]
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the aftermath

Fly with no wings “The Aftermath”

Once upon a time, Brent had an RC plane. It was a nice plane, all shiny and in one piece. Then one day, it made a funny noise (sounds like [...]
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BAMS Invitational

BAMS Invitational (Crash)

Joe Stek, Alie Houayes, and Greg Poppel Fly some Giant Scale mayhem and in the excitement Greg’s new plane loses power and can’t climb out.
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Jet crash

RC jet crash

Could it be? The best footage EVER of a RC jet crash? This is a friend’s Skymaster Rafale I videotaped crashing at FBF in Brooklyn. Plane lost control after ailerons [...]
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Plane Crash1

OOPS Plane Crash

Hier seht Ihr den neuesten Trailer von der 2. DVD CrashAction 2. Ein echter Knaller. Gibt es bei This is the new trailer from crashaction no. 2. you can [...]
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Moki engine

Yak 55 crash Moki engine

Bad things happen to god ppl TO !, and this was BAD !
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jet crash

RC EDF JET and Planes MISHAPS and CRASHES Flying Through a Building

These guys look like they are having a lot of fun. We are at it again! Trying to fly planes through the building! Only this time, I wanted to share [...]
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Mid Air

Mid Air Collision

Mid Air Collision at the 3D line Joe Nall Someone was coming down the 3D line while someone else was playing over the pond. The end result wasnt as bad [...]
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3DHS 89″ Slick CRASH

It went from an awesome day to depression in a torque roll that walked out in the tail. Severly damaged doing low torque rolls. Footage like this is the reason [...]
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It was a sad day at the RCRCM flying field.

  What go’s up must come down! Sometimes they land where you don’t want them too. ¬†Sorry to see it go, but I know you will build an even nicer [...]
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Why did I Land upside down?

Really big RC Plane Lands upside down. More crash videos More¬†Giant Scale Videos  
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Jet Crash Lands Into The Crowd

That was a close call  See more plane crash videos here.
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Should I Rebuild or Burn?

Share your crash stories on TWEAKitRC.  
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